A quarter century of Belgian fashion 

We’ve all heard about the Hamptons, a group of idyllic villages off the coast of New York. But the Hamptons didn’t get their fame from the white sand beaches and soft climate. We all know them for being many celebrities’ favourite destination when it comes to taking some time off. The Hampton way-of-life has fascinated and intrigued many who dream of a luxurious holiday, as if their last name was Kardashian.

Needless to say, the Hamptons enjoyed the fascination of Belgium fashion brand Hampton Bays too. By drawing inspiration from this lifestyle, the brand has produced its 25th summer collection this year, celebrating its quarter century existence; hereby proving that many share this love for the unique way life is led in the Hamptons. 

To help them celebrate, we organised four in-store customisation events for Hampton Bay-fans to channel their inspiration and create their own personalised sweater. With the help of specialists, a big working table, a heat press machine, and a variety of colourful patches, visitors got to release their inner designer for a day. Afterwards, participants got their photo taken, wearing their new custom-made sweater and later received a .gif via e-mail to remember the event by. Special thanks go to the Belmodo-team for hosting the event on Facebook, using the live imagery we made on the spot, and three big kisses for the birthday-brand!

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