Aveda’s hair- and skincare products are known for connecting the brand’s three main pillars: beauty, environment and well-being. With upcycling in mind, we’ve created an installation using the original cardboard boxes Aveda ships its products in. This way everything is eco-friendly and nothing is wasted. Also, these boxes are made of PVC-free textile sheets and printed with environmental-friendly latex ink.

By stacking these shipping boxes a giant pixel wall is created with the colourful AVEDA seasonal campaign image on it. Pushing these individual boxes back and forth translates into a play of shadows and depth, as the pixelated image is distorted into a unique interpretation with every push. As the evening sets in, an array of lights illuminates the installation randomly and brings the pixelated image to life!

Client: AVEDA (skin- and haircare)
Temporary art installation @ FACES HAIR, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Design: Frank Agterberg
Production: frank agterberg/bca, Dylan Jonkhart (graphic design), Nancy Vantieghem, Naomi Steylaerts

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