CTC (ColourToColour) is on a roll! One year ago the first dual-brand store by Gebr. Coster B.V. opened in Amstelveen, soon to be followed by Amsterdam and Nieuwegein. The retail concept with spot on features scores not only an indoor success: at the ING Retail Award 2012 we saw CTC win the prize for Best Starter!
The jury clearly appreciated the original concept of a dual-brand store that is spreading like a pleasant yellow virus introducing an unseen presentation of the premium brands adidas Originals and G-star RAW. They couldn’t get round the distinct CTC-zone with its fun elements, which has in no time claimed its place in the landscape of retail. The shopping Dutchman enjoys this playfulness of the interior as much as he does the communicative CTC-variations like CashToCash, CoastToCoast, CoolToCool, etc. He or she gladly lets himself be surprised by CTC’s tongue in cheek philosophy of functionality, displaying clever interior features like a cash desk made of gift boxes to pack your purchase, or a fitting room with 241 pegs. The ING Retail Award for Best Starter now matches the customer’s fondness for the concept.
Successfully positioning a new retail concept in the market and getting return on investment is quite an achievement. Once more we seem to have picked the right fixers in every discipline to do the job. A big thank you to CTC project team: Frank Agterberg (creative director), Rodriquez Debal (architect), David Dos Santos (designer), Franky Claeys (art director), TwinDesign (interior build) and KPW (build coordination).

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