Happy Birthday, Desert Boot.  It's the Desert Boot's 65th birthday! Besides celebrating the event with product specials all through the year, Clark's Originals is also opening its second store in Europe. This means our successful collaboration last year with the brand for the Amsterdam store gets a sequel. One that started on the 30th of January, when the new store in Copenhagen opened its doors.
Just as in Amsterdam, we opted for simple design principles in combination with pure materials like the leather used in the seats and for the logo inlays for example. In addition to being functional, it also adds a certain classiness to the equation. Collection highlights are presented on the embossed leather shelf-covers, which will remind Clark's Originals enthusiasts of the tag that comes with each new pair. The use of light tones and wood does not only bring out the best in the showcased footwear, it also expands the feel of the interior, making size limitations disappear. Because although the space might be small, it has a big story to tell: from the early beginnings with classics like the Desert Boot and the Wallabee, to the brand's future innovation through new models like the Trigenic. 
We wanted to connect the store with the bruising city outside, something the big glass window does almost literally. The ceiling, which was inspired by the authentic detailing in Copenhagen's architecture, does the same, but in a more subtle way. With the juxtaposition of the old industrial lighting and the modern LEDs, we reflected the iconic shoe brand's work ethics: combining the past with the present. So the Clark's Originals' story continues, and we can't wait to see this next chapter unravel.

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