Morse code®, the brand that reinvented the polo shirt and reinstated its premium status, wanted a distinctive POS item to communicate the brand’s values and philosophy. As a partner we come one, so we identified ourselves with morse code®’s vision “(…) taking originals and molding them according to contemporary fashion standards requires a thorough search for authentic products, somewhat disconnected from their history. The result is a passionate and modern translation of a stylish classic.”
Our classic was easily found: On 6 January 1838 Samuel Morse sent the first telegram ever across two miles of wire with his electrical telegraph. The message “A patient waiter is no loser” opened the gates of the new era of communication...and comunicate is what we want!
We took some old-style telegraphs, which obviously refer to the brand’s historic roots, gave them bright contemporary colours, and put them in glass boxes for exposure with a premium feel. The morse code® POS Cube has the brand’s values, philosophy and target group written all over it.​​​​​​​

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