In 1952, California surfing legend Jack O’Neill founded one of the most iconic surfing brands ever to exist: O’Neill. Over half a century later the brand has expanded its horizons as an all-weather outdoor brand to be reckoned with, characterised by its love for both active lifestyle and the environment.
So when we were commissioned to design and produce O’Neill ’s Christmas window campaign for all its European retail stores, we opted for sustainable materials to work with. We cut out Christmas tree patterns from cardboard and used the strong graphics in the O’Neill winter collection to create our Christmas trees. Or, better said, to create our own contemporary interpretation of what a pine tree should look like. For those who still wonder what the actual theme of the campaign is we added a window sticker to cleverly explain: “THIS IS OUR CHRISTMAS WINDOW”.
Even the mannequins, usually known for their blank facial expressions, embraced the holiday spirit with a jolly Santa’s hat and/or beard. Ho, ho, ho’Neill, Merry Christmas!

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