Eric Corton’s Limited Edition polo-shirt, a summer breeze by morse code®
Lowlands summer 2010. On Dutch television - / -.-. is covering the festival. Or Eric Corton, as the unfortunate non-speakers of Morse code call this rock star, DJ, actor, and TV presenter. The close observer notices his Alpha1 polo-shirt by lifestyle brand morse code®. A non-coincidental garment selection as it turns out the next day: joking around on the festival grounds, Eric is seen in yet another morse code® polo-shirt, while interviewing the Dropkick Murphys with co-host Willie Wartaal.
Fully appreciating an opportunity that presents itself, morse code® gets in touch with Eric Corton, who states to be a huge fan of polo-shirts. What follows is a pure ode to the Alpha1, which, with its slim fit style, deeper neck and tight-closing sleeves, finally brings some newness, quality and sex-appeal into a wardrobe classic. Eric’s only remark: ’Why don’t you have one in black?’ So here it is: the Eric Corton’s Limited Edition by morse code®.
We call it - / -.-.

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