Garcia’s radiation-proof denim, a jeans with a pocket lining made of silver-coated nylon and air-permeable cotton, protects its wearer from radiation from unnatural energy sources. After teaming up with the frankagterberg/bca-team for both the presentation of this new collection and the in store POS-packages showcasing it, a fitting window campaign needed to be developed for the occasion. The blown-up radial window decals create depth and entice with big impact and intrigue with some extra information on the products’ features. The campaign’s visuals back up and complete the window’s composition while inside the radiation proof denim story continues with jeans, shorts and chinos for men and boys and a denim trucker jacket for women.​​​​​​​
As it did with the creation of the POS-materials, the environmental focus remained in both the creation and transport of the window packages, making the whole Garcia x RadyGO x frankagterberg/bca a story of success when it comes to ‘eco-friendliness’.

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