Combining elements from early 20th century architect Hundertwasser, painter Klimt, and the 
Vienna Secession, frank agterberg/bca developed and produced a polyvalent trade booth for the European tour of Oilily’s Winter 09/10 Collection ‘Shimmering Winter Waltz’. The travelling closet we designed for it, was both movable and adaptable in constellation, so it always met the altering requirements of the different localities in Amsterdam (Kleine Fabriek and Modefabriek) and Barcelona (Bread & Butter). Wherever we unloaded our trucks and pitched up our tents, the device always fit the (usually confined) space available, in function of an optimal visitors’ traffic. Entering the premises, one felt like on a trip down Magic Lane: a world sprinkled with gold and surrounded by velvet curtains recalled the atmosphere of Viennese ballrooms, which perfectly linked up with the Oilily collection.
Apart from being practical–never leave home without it–our travelling closet didn’t look anything like the stereotypical tourist amongst the locals. The Oilily collection, full of color and lovely prints as always, eagerly referred to the Viennese art and architecture of the early 20th century. “When in Vienna, act like the Viennese”, so our piece of furniture perfectly blended in with its organical form inspired by the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and covered with glinting rectangles and squares that produced a kaleidoscopic effect, openly indebted to Gustav Klimt. On top of that, one of the patterns from the new collection recurred in the stained-glass of the cupboard.

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