Being a market leader requires to stand out in the crowd every once in a while. So when we set up the Levi's booth at the Amsterdam Mode Fabriek, we made sure it towered above all others. The XXL images on the outside walls of the booth are teasers for the new Levi's concepts inside, and this season there are a whole lot of them. 
The primary focus lies in the introduction of the brand's new Women's Fit Portfolio and the presentation of the Levi's Line 8 collection. This new line, inspired by the young and rebellious, demanded a simple set-up: Seated male and female mannequins, a black podium and background and the collection's garments neatly presented on the tables. We added neon lights to highlight the contemporary feel of this collection. 
Nothing contemporary about the Women's Fit Portfolio, though. Timeless new fits, developed through 80 years of experience, are supported by explanatory cards for those who want to know more about the denim they are wearing. In addition, we showcased all the different washes available in each fit, giving the ladies an idea of what they will be rocking next season. 
But that still isn't all. Headed by the white reflector vinyl decal and with a state-of-the-art bicycle as the eye catcher, the plywood Commuter wall shows the line's newest men's and women's collection and accessories. On the other side of the booth, an old,light-box visual of a 50's biker breathes the heritage of the brand and accompanies the Icons-Capsule Collection. This line focusses on the classic aspect of the brand, with the 501 jean, the trucker jacket and the denim shirt as the main characters. 
A lot to take? Have a drink and let it all soak in at the long central table, lit up by the iconic batwing logo shaped by the light bulbs above.

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