Levi's® has come up with a revolutionary new fit system based on scientific research. The nicer curves of the human race belonging to the female half of the world’s population, Levi’s® now provides fits that do right to every woman, no matter what type of body shape she is.  The original denim brand hired the 
frank agterberg creative team to make sure that every baby makes her blue jeans talk.
Loft spaces given a homely feel with flowers, both real and printed on the romantic wallpaper in the changing rooms? Check! Necessary audio and video equipment for a spotless presentation? Check! Refined refreshments such as – depending on the time of day – pastries, mimosa cocktails, petit fours, Pinkberry frozen yoghurt cupcakes, and champagne to loosen the tongues? Check! After all, this would be a girl thing. 
Putting the ‘seeing is believing’ philosophy to the test then was a mere formality: local fashion editors got a professional curves measurement, were fitted with the appropriate model, and … found themselves wearing the best fitting and most comfortable jeans around.
Next we scouted around for about six venues across Belgium and the Netherlands to host the Levi’s® Curve ID training sessions for retail staff. Again we provided the necessary audio and video equipment. And with floral folding screens, flowers, and refined refreshments the homely and cozy feel was present once more. This way the tape measure wasn’t that hard to handle as the ultimate weapon to slip every woman into the right fit, whether demi, slight or bold.

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