Based on the global ‘Modern Frontier’ campaign, we developed a new window theme for the European market in close collaboration with Levi’s® EMEA marketing team. Creating on the edge of this modern frontier, frank agterberg/bca developed an eye-catching shop window that reflects the brand’s very personality, supporting the European ATL campaign.
We made the authenticity of the iconic denim radiate from the setting. In a sturdy background made of black 4” boards, crispy printed light boxes sport the black-and-white imagery from the print campaign. Hanging from LED tubes, the iconic denim products are highlighted and topped off by a 3D illuminated Levi’s®-logo.
 The extra twist we provided for this case is the seriously enhanced stopping power of the window. Visually, we gave the old-style railroad timetable (as featured in the print campaign) a contemporary makeover, making sure none of the high tech got in the way of the board’s street credibility:  The mechanically flipping letters are actually digitalized ones on animated LED screens. On an auditive level we took things one step further by having the vibrating glass of the shop window mimic the distinct flipping-sound. For maximum impact of the campaign slogans on passers-by! 

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