When it comes to furthering gay rights issues, Levi’s® has been a pioneer as early as 1992, when it became the first Fortune 500-company to offer domestic partnership benefits. With it newest PRIDE-collection the brand wants to continue the tradition of supporting the LGBT-community. Each season, an historic event on the gay rights timeline will become the theme of this collection. For 2016, Levi’s® opted for Harvey Milk’s election to office. Proceeds go to local LGBT-charities, including the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Along with this unique collection, there had to be a unique window campaign. In close collaboration with the Levi’s® Creative Services Team we developed a custom made window campaign. For every European city with its own Gay Pride we created a window as colourful as the collection itself. From Berlin over Paris and from London to Amsterdam, we gave the classic Levi’s® batwing a makeover and created our handcrafted rainbow version in painted denim. The message had to be clear, so apart from the colours, we added animated video screens in the windows and in store, to inform as much as possible. 

Needless to say we take PRIDE in this collaboration.

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