Levi’s® always has a lot of love for anyone who takes a pair of their jeans, a trucker jacket or any other Levi’s® product and turns it into something unique. The Levi’s® Tailor Shop, an in-store service that allows fans of the brand to put their individual stamp onto their Levi’s® products, was the next evolution of that idea. The brand’s next step was to take this idea outdoors, for customisation at events such as summer festivals.

 Not much later Levi’s® came up with the idea of a mobile tailor and the Tailor Bike was born! We wanted the bike to be as original as the concept itself, so we opted for a so-called ‘bakfiets’: a bike with a useful front-carriage that has been popular in the Netherlands since forever. Our friends at Johnny Loco in Amsterdam helped us find the bike perfect for the occasion and we styled and customised it. With a sewing machine, the necessary storage and a cabinet to show the merchandise, such as buttons, threads and patches. Pieces finished by the tailors are presented on the rack for showcase, music comes from the amp provided by Marshall Amplification and we personally added the branded umbrella so all the hard tailoring work can be done in the shade. (Or hidden from the rain, you never know!)

Coming to festivals and stores near you soon…

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