My Mother, my Queen is Delvaux’s latest window campaign. On the very exceptional occasion of Mother’s Day only, the luxury brand visualises the otherwise invisible crown for mum’s who deserve it! At frank agterberg/bca we were gladly commanded to serve this royal experience in augmented reality. And so this little story goes...
There once was a mother who positioned herself in front of a shop-window that was entirely stickered in white. Or rather, almost entirely: in the middle of the window appeared to be a painting of ... herself! Actually, it was a huge framed HD-LED screen and the state of the art technology of a kinect camera that had recognised her face and digitally put the Delvaux crown logo on her noble head. What a wonder: she could carelessly strike her stateliest of poses; the crown fit tight and didn’t fall off! Her perfect aristocratic reflection filled her with contentment. And as she gently pushed the button, the portrait of her Royal Highness was instantly made. Curious as she was, our Queen for a day then went into the boutique to find a kiosk with a touch screen, where she could select her best shot for print.  She has fondly cherished the royal memory ever after.
Always wear your invisible crown. 

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