Times like these demand focus on the environment. Brands have developed numerous ways to make their durability and sustainability stand out and words such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘low-carbon’ and ‘non-polluting’ are there to prove it. But how about protecting ourselves? Dutch fashion brand Garcia asked itself that question and teamed up with RadyGO, a social technology venture that strives to make the world radiation proof.
The alliance introduced the Garcia x RadyGO Smart Denim Collection featuring the RadyGO Smart Pocket: jeans with a pocket lining made of silver-coated nylon and air-permeable cotton. This to protect the wearer against radiation from unnatural energy sources, such as smartphones. The collection includes several types of jeans, shorts and chinos for men and boys and a denim trucker jacket for women - for the simple reason that men opt for their trouser pocket when they put away their phone, while most women prefer their coat’s.
Garcia relied on the experienced designers of Superlarge for the creation of the Smart Denim Collection's creative deck. To complete the synergy and to showcase the new concept, the brand commissioned frankagterberg/bca, in charge of both the production and design of the pan-European collection showcase. We created a composition on premium printed reboard panels to present the Garcia x RadyGO collection in all the brand’s selling points and tackled the logistic challenge of packing and shipping the displays to exhibit the garments. The environmental focus remained, in both the creation as the transport of over 800 POS-packages to 450 retailers across Europe, making the whole RadyGO a story of success when it comes to ‘eco-friendliness’. 

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