Lee® 101 collection is dedicated to excellence in form and function for every garment created. For this reason, Lee® 101 denim is a product of only the highest regarded mills from around the globe. For this specific collection, Lee® opted for the Cone Mills, a leading supplier of denim fabrics to top denim apparel brands since 1891. 

The abrasions and tears that are typical for worn denim inspired Lee® for the development of these four new additions to the 101-family. In the store window’s design, we wanted to get across all the information passers-by needed to know. So we just let the pants talk for themselves. Four informative panels tell the story of each of these jeans. Also, these stories highlight the way Lee® replicated the elements that are normally formed by time. To emphasise that modification of denim over time, we used the selvedge denim where these jeans came from as their backdrops. We also placed spotlights to add visibility to the intricate details on the 101 jeans.

The original replicated denims’ ages vary from 18 months to five years. This gives a unique look into the development of a pair of denim that becomes your favourite and, more importantly, it allows you to skip those five years and fall in love with your seemingly worn-out denim from day one.

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