It’s 1984. A young Colorado River guide named Mark Thatcher assembles a piece of footwear which combines the stamina and protection of a sneaker with the freedom provided by flip-flops. The prototype of the TEVA sandal- derived from tehvah, the Hebrew word for nature - is born.  
Now, thirty years later, TEVA and frank agterberg/bca join forces to prepare the TEVA brand for many years to come. Langenfeld, a picturesque village in between the mountains of Austria, seemed the perfect setting for the TEVA EMEA Sales Launch. Surrounded by nature we shared the new sales & marketing strategies for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection and beyond.
In search of a metaphoric design that related to the outdoor heritage of the TEVA brand towards the future we stumbled upon the typical triangles of the Original TEVA sandal sole. In the fifties, Richard Buckminster Fuller, known for his exploration of natures construction principles, did likewise. Back then this resulted in the famous geodesic dome. Our translation of the triangle into a tight geometric pattern, became a marketing strategy which is inspired by nature and shaped for the twenty-first century.
Throughout this new approach, we adapt the obtained pattern to various media. From graphics to press-packs and invitations, the triangle claimed a spot in the whole duration of the Sales Launch. The geometric grid also doubled as the decor in this stylish setting, as it has done for many years on the Original TEVA Sandal. In addition, every guest received a triangular piece of the TEVA puzzle. After putting all pieces together, it revealed the new brand message: A new adventure, 30 years in the making.
As we speak, frank agterberg/bca is refitting the TEVA showrooms. So this adventure will most definitely be continued.

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