Focussing on their new apparel collection, CONVERSE presented themselves at the bi-annual ModeFabriek trade-fair in Amsterdam. The 5.5 m trade fair booth towered high above its surroundings, giving spectators the best possible view of the models and at the same time making a clear statement that the brand is taking apparel seriously.
A clever combination of two rough materials – oriented strand board (OSB) and metal scaffolding (LAYER) – gave the booth its distinctive look. Handling the OSB like a premium furniture panel (mitred corners and lacquer finish) gave the booth a qualitative look, from counters to shelves, without losing the overall urban feel.
The collection themes were integrated in the booth by adding a real graffiti wall and old-skool gymnastic apparatus (sport authentic street) and pimped vintage furniture (fashion&premium collection). In the center of the booth, special attention was given to the ‘suede collection’, an important them for next season.
The interactive outside wall of the stand was a success beyond expectation: people were lining up to grab one of the markers (with a wink attached with laces) to ‘tag’ their message onto it.
A trade fair high that mirrored the potential of CONVERSE’s new apparel collection.

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