Born in ’69, remastered for today
The most recognisable element on a pair of Levi’s® jeans is without a doubt the Red Tab. This feature was first sewn onto the denims’ right back pocket in 1936. In the ‘60s, Levi’s® introduced a new coloured tab, used on fashion and non-basic items: the Orange Tab. To this day, Levi’s® garments wearing these orange tabs are characterised by edgy and unusual design elements, ranging from intricate pocket stitching to bell-bottoms and flare jeans.
This season, we joined forces with the Levi’s® Orange Tab-team to create a buzz for the upcoming collection. We designed a limited edition press pack using the collection’s imagery and had our friends at Levi’s® fill them up with goodies. Since we love detailing, and wanted to bring uniformity between the boxes and the collection, we added a little orange tab to them. An edgy and unusual design element, you may say.

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