The territory of creatives can be a battlefield. We, frankagterberg/bca’s #CreativeTroopers, are a company of inventive thinkers and pragmatic producers devoted to our art. 
We beat deadlines on the frontline and arm ourselves to the teeth with a set of skills and fresh ideas as our ammunition, to preserve originality and innovation. Not with warfare, but with clear-cut competition, preventing our craft from turning into a brawl. 
To ensure forefront expertise prevails, we team up with those who share this virtuous vision. Because it is a necessity to defend the creative cause we believe in.
Our annual tradition of creating a gift to thank the network that surrounds us has sprouted a creative challenge. Every year we push ourselves to design and construct something that is even better than the year before. For 2019, we came up with the #CreativeTroopers: a group of eight toy soldiers representing the different pawns on the creative battlefield.​​​​​​​
An accompanying social media campaign was established to introduce our following to the little troopers. After months of including them in our Instagram-posts, customers received one of these golden guys to remind them that they’re all troopers to us. This in turn triggered the interactive aspect of the #CreativeTroopers, with enthusiastic reactions on social media from the receiving side.

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