The holiday season is about being together. And since working together counts as being together, we teamed up with the Levi’s® Team for the creation and production of the Levi’s® Holiday Window for the brand’s European Flagship Stores in Paris and Berlin.
The festive composition in the stores’ windows, lit by typical warm holiday lights, translate the holiday feel inside to passersby. It entices them to come inside and enjoy the joyous atmosphere that characterises all Levi’s® stores this time of year. Eye catchers, both in the window as in store, are the wrapped green en red presents scattered everywhere. The copper panels we placed inside the presents reflect the warm lights and add a premium feel to the cosy composition. The centre lead area, which you face when you enter the store, is where mannequins in the newest Levi’s® garments are the stars of the setting.​​​​​​​
Besides the cosiness, the window campaign’s goal is to introduce the Levi’s® Print Bar inside, hence the ‘Print your own tee’ on the window decal. This interactive space allows customers to choose a logo or image, customise it and have it printed on a t-shirt of their liking right away. In other words, the Levi’s® Print Bar is the place to be if you’re looking for the ultimate gift to ‘Give in the moment’ for the upcoming holidays.

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