Wolford, renowned manufacturer of the finest leg wear, lingerie, ready-to-wear and knitwear, brings timeless elegance and contemporary fashion together in its newest collection. Wolford Ink, the concept pushing this new collection, combines the brand’s iconic Nude 8 tights with designs of some of the best — female — tattoo-artists in the game, for an inked-leg look without the lifetime commitment of getting an actual tattoo.
There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good collaboration, so when Wolford commissioned us to create the in-store decor for these artists to work in and the store windows, we were eager to create these temporary tattoo shops. A checkered floor resembles that of many tattoo parlours, while the pink and black coloured furniture completes the feminine rock ’n’ roll feel we were aiming for in this composition. It was a necessity to opt for solid materials, with the transport from store to store across Europe in mind, but at the same time, materials with a premium feel, aligning with the atmosphere that is typical for the Wolford stores around the world.​​​​​​​
The tattoo story continues in the Wolford store windows, where we both explain the concept and entice passersby to come take a look inside — and get their tights customised. Because besides the actual collection, with designs by the artists, selected stores organise live customisation events, with the actual artists present to affix your idea onto your tights. Now, the only question left to ask by Wolford and frankagterberg/bca is: are you ready for the tattoo-trying game?

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