Meet Scarlett, Lee®’s skinny fit characterised by its comfort, elasticity and versatility. Versatile because it comes in a high, a medium and a low rise, making it a pair of denim that’s born to fit all women… but it was its rock chic attitude that inspired us for the design and implementation of the Lee® store windows.
The high contrast black and white backdrop imagery serves as a source of inspiration while embracing the rock ‘n’ roll feel of the Scarlett fit. No need for fancy stuff here, we just created regular concert posters and taped them to the window’s surface using bold black tape. For those enticed by its attitude, we added a black dowel to showcase the array of colours in which the new fit comes.
When opting for an all black outfit, a hint of colour can highlight the whole thing, so as a finishing female touch, we accented the Scarlett’s introducing tagline using lipstick red, so you don’t forget who I am: #IAMSCARLETT

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