During the annual Lantern Festival in China and other Asian countries, people write their wishes on sky lanterns before lighting them. This symbolises hope and turns into a beautiful show of lights as the wishes are released into the night sky.
WE, the Dutch fashion retailer, gave the traditional sky lantern the lead role in their Christmas campaign for their 550 European stores. This inspired us for the development of a new window concept. We designed two lamps - a floor lamp and a pendant lamp - exclusively for this campaign. All the stores received a DIY-kit to set up the lamps, accompanied by a simple instruction manual.
We wanted the lamps to resemble the traditional Chinese sky lantern, only we gave WE's version a stylish yet simplistic touch.
The design has a contemporary look, which is contrasted with vintage light bulbs. Not only do these light bulbs bring out the best in the WE party collection, they also brighten up the windows with their warm and authentic light, creating that Christmas feel we all long for during these cold months. That warming atmosphere in which WE Get Together.

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