Levi’s® celebrated its Trucker Jacket’s 50th anniversary in De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. In honour of the iconic garment, Levi’s® partnered with frankagterberg/bca for the design and implementation of the pop-up areas in both the men and women’s department. The main act of the event: the jackets designed by Levi’s® influencers, showcased in these areas in true museum-style glass cabinets and on rotating pedestals.
The project highlights the limitless expression and individuality that the timeless piece has become known for over the last half century. Each design was featured as part of an art installation at the event paying homage to the jackets rich history and cultural importance. The limited edition jackets developed in collaboration with Vogue were showcased on rotating busts, a blue carpet led visitors to the event and the interactive video screens transferred information to the public. A fitting event for a fitted icon.

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