frank Agterberg/bca lent Levi’s® a hand relaunching their original yet renewed 501®. We took it kind of literal… On 15 October 2008 we made the ‘Live Unbuttoned’ campaign strike down upon six Galeria Inno-stores: in Antwerp (Meir), Brussels (Rue Neuve), Brussels (Woluwe), Ghent, Namur and Liège. 
We had the shop windows of the stores wrapped in white vinyl, blocking both view and light. Printed buttons and button-shaped cutouts appeared on this window cover. We loved it when our plan came together: the suggestive buttons triggered a Peeping Tom-like curiosity of passers-by. Heads turned to see the ‘Live Unbuttoned’ imagery through the holes that guided the focus to the details that matter, like the button -of course!- and the tattoos referring to the uninhibited spirit. On top of that, the distance between the vinyl and the images behind it being merely the thickness of the window, a 3D illusion was created. At nightfall, the light piercing through the cutout buttons in the white vinyl intensified the window’s attractiveness.
So what is that literal relaunch about? In a direct mailing the target group –being male Galeria Inno customers - were made a tempting offer: upon purchase of a pair of Levi’s -preferably a 501®- they received 2 button stickers, which might open the gates to a truly ‘unbuttoned experience’: a tandem skydive guaranteeing some ‘absolutely free falling’ or a stunt flight experience including loopings, rolls… the whole lot. Sounds rather unrestrained, smells like free spirit … must be 100% 501®-style! The lucky 501® wearers are airborne in 10, 9, 8, 7…

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