While store windows are filled with carved out pumpkins and scary witches this time a year, Levi’s® opted for something — or someone — slightly different to introduce its fall-collection to the public: Justin Timberlake. This new partnership, entitled ‘Fresh Leaves’, is a mixture of outerwear pieces and original takes on Levi’s® classics like the 501, the 511 and the Sherpa Trucker Jacket.
Timberlake worked closely with the brand’s design team for the development of ‘Fresh Leaves’, in turn inspiring the production of the accompanying window campaign. Because what stands out most throughout the collection is definitely the camo print. The camouflage carpet, printed in one piece according to each Levi’s® store window’s size, is the eye-catcher of the composition, without taking any of the shine of the actual collection. And while the mannequins showcase the collection’s garments, the ‘Fresh Leaves’ imagery adorning the backdrop completes the picture.​​​​​​​
To quote Justin Timberlake: ‘We all have our own fingerprint. So when you make something, you can’t help but to make it authentic to you.’ We agree. For this campaign specifically, our fingerprint was characterised by punctuality: all selected key account windows had to be ready at the same time, on the morning of October 4 - a logistic challenge we effortlessly tackled.

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