Say rock star, say Levi’s®, since both share many affinities, from authenticity to zeal. The iconic denim brand asked us to find a way to remind both staff, business relations and clients of this fact. The simple, yet brilliantly efficient idea arose to put up a flexible Wall of Fame showcasing all the current Levi’s Music Ambassadors, by means of their pictures that is (by designer Franky Claeys). We conceived The Wall in a way that it can be easily updated.
Of course, we tuned things up a little: legendary Gibson guitars like the famous Les Paul model, the Flying-V, the SG… signed by various artists like Kane, garments by Malibu Stacy, album sleeves by de Staat and the Tellers, guitar picks – you hadn’t forgotten we love to pick ’n mix stuff together, now had you?
Furthermore, the project includes bands like K’s Choice, Triggerfinger, Das Pop and Ghinzu.
All of these memorabilia are now displayed in a protected case and provided with a museum-like tag with info about the contributing artists.
The Walls of Fame can be spotted at the Levi’s® show rooms in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brussels.
Note for the fans: Some of the music ambassadors’ pictures and paraphernalia are also on display at the Original Store at Meir, Antwerp.

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