Levi’s® wanted their global Holiday Campaign to be widely spread and noticed. At frank agterberg/bca we took care of the translation to a European street activation. Levi’s® gave us their clever campaign copy ‘TODAY IS THE PRESENT’, a play on the word ‘present’ to imply that each day is a gift. If you approach it with the right spirit, you will ‘GO FORTH’ and achieve your purpose. In short, celebrate each day!
Our job was to find the ultimate carrier for it. Never underestimating the power of the obvious, we started out looking for the missing link between seeing each day as a gift, Christmas, New Year, and people handing each other presents. In our textbook that link reads ‘gift paper’! During the festive season there simply isn’t anything better to convey your wish or message. Instead of your everyday flyer we took these gift paper rolls to the streets, where passers-by immediately noticed the cellophane wrapped cylinder-shape of these must haves and eagerly accepted them to pack their presents, put them under the Christmas tree and give them to their loved ones.

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