Levi's® PRIDE
Levi’s® has always been an advocate of equality and non-discrimination, with a long history of supporting the LGBTQ community. The company guaranteed its position as a pioneer of equality in 1992, when it became the first Fortune 500-company to offer domestic partnership benefits. This summer, the brand’s newest concept for European Levi’s® stores will showcase their never-ending support to the LGBTQ-community.

Along with this unique concept, there had to be a unique window campaign. And that’s where frankagterberg/bca comes into play. Colour and creativity – the two main elements in every Gay Pride-event – are the primary features of the campaign. So we rolled up our sleeves, channelled our inner creative and started crafting along. The first step was cutting out strips of pre-washed, pre-shrunk denim. After that, we opened up some buckets of paint and started decorating the denim strips in all the shades the rainbow has to offer. As a finishing touch, the white letters brings across Levi’s’ message in contrast to its colourful background.

The production of these handmade quilted batwings on denim was a challenge to say the least, but the result is worth it: one-of-a-kind, handcrafted rainbow batwings, as a part of the store communication package. Creating a rainbow in all European Levi’s® Stores in cities hosting a PRIDE-tour this summer

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