Remember March 2020, when frank agterberg/bca teamed up with Lee Europe? We rolled out their two-phased window campaign FOR A WORLD THAT WORKS, which implemented the denim brand’s manifesto for a more sustainable. Perfectly matching our very own Green Rocks charter, we joined forces with the denim brand once more for the sequel of this sustainable saga, efficient as ever.​​​​​​​
Smart use and re-use of resources are key when striving for a healthier planet, so from concept to production recycling was prominent throughout the campaign. That meant, of course, steering clear of deploying any unnecessary new assets and their transport to the European retail stores. As we had already shipped the majority of the window and instore assets in March, we now only had to ship a small update package, which significantly reduced carbon emissions and the use and hence disposal of packaging materials.  

Only minor assets needed an update to highlight the added sustainable product initiatives Lee® nowadays injects into its collections. One of the new assets were the denim flags, which we digitally printed on used denim fabrics. These fabrics had already been used at the CIFF fair exhibition in January, for which purpose they had been lasered on recycled denim. Re-re-used material, how ‘bout that!  ​​​​​​​

Other re-used items included the FSC cardboard mannequin stages that had served in the previous Fit Campaign window. Covering them with new polyester stickers (no PVC!) was all that was needed to fit their new purpose. After reading all of the above, one probably can’t be surprised that water-based Latex inks were used for all the prints. Nor by the fact that the re-use of low-energy LED TL-tubes, that illuminated the see-through backdrop with a direct peek-through at the new collection. And in case there still is a hard-headed soul left, yes, the backdrop slats were printed on – drum roll – recycled denim felt.
We say: No waste to waste! And since action speaks louder than words, we demonstrate the implementation of sustainable ideas to make them take root in mainstream marketing.
​​​​​​​Because GREEN ROCKS!

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