No, those little denim wrapped guys in the Lee® Christmas windows are not Santa's new helpers. They’re Buddy Lees! The doll has been the advertising mascot for Lee since the 1920s and has been the subject of numerous collaborations of the brand, so no better 'person' to wish you a Merry Christmas in the name of the brand. 
To complement the cold weather outside, we transformed the European Lee® store windows into a winter wonderland. The snow laying on the stacked pinewood boxes and the vintage light bulbs join forces to create that cosy Christmas atmosphere.  
Apart from the hats we gave the Buddy Lees on this occasion, we also drew up some wrapping paper designs for the Christmas presents in store. The joyful typographic window decal summarises everything the window wanted to say: 'Buddy Lee® wishes all of you a Merry Christmas.'

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