Bugaboo is all about mobility. Their mission is to excite every person on the move. For parents, that means having the ability to get out and explore the world with their child. For us, that means creating a flexible, yet stunning brand experience at Bugaboo retailers all around the globe.
For the global launch of the new Bugaboo Donkey we have developed an interactive touchscreen application that shows all the features of this pushchair model. Thanks to an innovative adjustable mechanism, in just three simple clicks the Bugaboo Donkey transforms with ease from a mono to duo stroller. And back again. Click. Wooosh. Pop!
The interactive display works about the same way: Ship. Click. Touch! Consumers can select their personal set-up of the Bugaboo Donkey by touching the screen: in duo or in mono position, with or without a grocery basket… And last but not least, you can also pick your favourite colour.
More installations planned in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York and Paris in the course of the year.

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