‘Looking for the original slim denim jacket? We invented it’. 
The decal adorning the European Lee® stores’ windows says everything you really need to know about the iconic Rider Jacket. The brand first introduced its slim-fitting denim jacket back in 1931. After 15 years of fine-tuning, Lee® added the key design elements – like front pockets and the iconic zigzag reinforcements – and the Rider Jacket was born. Today, the Lee® Rider jacket plays an important role in many people’s wardrobes, from rockers to fashionista’s, independent of style and gender.
The store windows showcase the different types and washes of the Rider Jacket, seemingly floating in mid-air, but actually suspended from the ceiling using steel wire. Simplicity is key for this window campaign, as it was in the Rider Jacket’s timeless design. Lee®’s beautiful black and white collection photography completes the scene, printed over several reboard panels, while serving a second purpose inside. By printing the back of the panels, the black and white imagery can be enjoyed in store too, where customers can try on their favourite version of the iconic Lee® Rider Jacket. 

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