Levi's® 90'S BLOCK PARTY
Remember the 90’s? The era that brought us robust television sets that broadcasted old skool MTV-programming, back when it was actually about music? They showed us images of block parties with people dancing to break tunes. Our modern day street scene is clearly influenced by these times too, just think about all those oversized denim jackets and stone washed jeans - with the 501 being one of the top picks. ​​​​​​​
So when Levi’s® asked us to think of a decor to back up the presentation of its newest collection in the Amsterdam showroom, we started raiding thrift shops looking for these beauties from the gold ol’ days. Getting these ancient things to work properly was a hassle to say the least. But after rewiring them, adapting the modern 16:9 files to the 4:3 that was customary back then, and some balanced stacking, our Block Party-inspired composition was ready for the Levi’s®-customers to see. The formation can also be reused for press events and more, focusing on our aim for sustainability.

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