How do you fit a collection with over 2000 different fit and finish combinations into a 500sqm showroom in an interactive and sustainable way? That was the challenge given by Stanley/Stella in the brief for their new interactive showroom in the Brussels HQ.
Faced with the task of presenting their diverse collection in an interactive and sustainable manner, we designed and built an immersive showroom experience that seamlessly integrates both physical and digital elements, giving birth to the innovative concept – MADE DIFFERENTLY.
Upon entering the showroom, guests register at the wall screen using a QR code provided with their appointment. While awaiting their turn in the cozy seating area, visitors are treated to a preview of the latest collection and an engaging sustainability movie.
The true experience unfolds when customers choose their preferred garment or color. In the swatch library, a comprehensive array of physical colors and fabric options is displayed for various styles such as hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, and polo’s. After perusing the different styles showcased on rails, the interactive journey takes a captivating turn.
​​​​​​​Placing selected garments on a central table triggers RFID tags to display detailed information about the chosen item, including material specifics, sourcing details, available sizes, and stock availability on a nearby touch-screen. Supportive lifestyle images and videos on adjacent screens provide a deeper understanding of the garment's fit and style.​​​​​​​
The showroom adventure extends to a dynamic display of decorated garments, showcasing the latest print and embroidery techniques within Stanley/Stella's extensive partnership network. Emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainability, the showroom itself is constructed using recyclable, upcycled, or reusable materials. An approach totally up to our GREEN ROCKS sleeves!
In a bid to streamline operations and reduce environmental impact, multimedia techniques have replaced the need for physical samples and their shipment. This approach allows for rapid visual updates without the necessity of traditional printing methods.
Designed with adaptability in mind to accommodate the evolving needs of a rapidly expanding company, the showroom's flexible setup enables easy rearrangement of items and the creation of alternative settings. The versatile space is not only conducive to individual consultations but also facilitates group presentations and workshops, leveraging the existing technical infrastructure within the room.
Stanley/Stella's new interactive showroom marks a revolutionary step forward in the retail experience, combining innovation, sustainability, and flexibility to showcase their extensive collection in a captivating and efficient manner.
creative director: Frank Agterberg,  design director: Rodriquez Debal, architect public space: K2A architects, brussels
photography by Tim van de Velde. 
Stanley/Stella is a Belgian clothing company. They are headquartered in Brussels. Stanley/Stella was founded in 2012 by Jean Chabert, a Belgian entrepreneur with previous experience in the clothing industry.
Stanley/Stella produces white-label garments, mostly unisex, in Bangladesh, using exclusively organic cotton or recycled polyester distributed to customers in Europe through partnerships with brands and a network of dealers (decorators, resellers, print-on-demand)

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