Imagine yourself roaming your favourite festival site. Suddenly, someone asks you for a minute of your time, and before you know it you’re rocking a new pair of Levi’s®, a Trucker Jacket or a cool batwing-logo tee. Too good to be true? Not if you come across the new Levi’s® Wheel of Fortune, it’s not!​​​​​​​
The concept is simple: give the wheel a spin and win a prize. But we wanted the installation and transport from festival site to festival site to be just as simple. We focussed primarily on the design and functionality, but wanted the unit to be mobile too. By printing directly on plywood, we ensure the wheel's survival on the festival season, pushing its durability to the maximum. We added storage for the Levi’s® prizes competitors can win, so keep your eyes open at the festivals so you won’t miss this bringer of (denim)fortune passing you by this summer!

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