After successfully kicking off Lee’s 125th anniversary campaign featuring a set of exposition-boxes, frank agterberg/bca was commissioned to roll out the next window campaign for the Kansas denim brand loved by urban cowboys, workers and contemporary creators.
The set-up consists of three backdrop banners featuring the different fit silhouettes, Skinny, Tapered & Straight. The full-colour print on black-backed canvas gives the window the qualitative and durable look Henry David Lee always pursued. In front of them, three pairs ofjeans are on display, their silhouettes corresponding with the ones on the banners behindthem. Presented in front-facing position, they also show colour and finish options. With metal hooks, the jeans are attached to a metal rod that is suspended from the ceiling by leather belts, a construction that enables a variable display height.
Implemented all across Europe, our window design proved to be flexfit for every individual LEE retail store.

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