Polo, fashion meets sports
Having a keen eye for marketing opportunities and trends, frank agterberg/bca teamed up morse code®, the ultimate polo shirt brand of the 21st century, with its equivalent in sports: bike polo.
Thanks to morse code® the words ‘polo’ and ‘sex appeal’ can be used in the same sentence again. The lifestyle brand provided the original, functional polo shirt, as worn by the players of the Hurlingham Polo Club near Buenos Aires, a passionate and modern twist.
The comeback of the polo shirt is now mirrored in the update of that other polo classic. Gone are the horses, in is a new urban culture: bike polo is today’s hottest cool sport and seduces bike couriers, as well as doctors and graphic designers, into some serious action. Reinventing a classic? That’s right up morse code®’s alley. The fashion brand eagerly takes up sponsoring and completes the package of mallets, shin pads, wheel disks, and gearless bikes, with its comfort-able and on trend long sleeve, button down collar polo shirts. Making tough guys look smart!

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