Levi’s® has always been a trailblazer in furthering gay rights issues. For this year’s Pride-event, the renowned denim brand commissioned us once again to turn its European store windows into a colorful concept that showcases both the accompanying collection and Levi’s® never-ending support to the LGBTQ-community.
After three years of teaming up and producing store windows for this pan-European event, our collaboration, concept-wise, is being perfected. This allows us to focus on perfecting other challenges that arise from a campaign this size. Three flagship stores and 47 regular ones, with a total of 105 windows to imply on the exact same date is quite the logistic challenge. Add the fact that those stores are scattered over 13 countries that speak a total of 10 different languages and you’ll get the bigger picture. We created 120 banners and 216 honeycomb panels, carefully divided over 218 shipments and sent them on their way. The goal: accomplishing next-level punctuality in the deliverance and implication of the windows. A goal we are PROUD to achieve.
We take PRIDE in this collaboration, as we did in previous issues of this event. And the frankagterberg/bca-team for one can’t wait for next year’s challenging collaboration!

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