The most recognisable element on a pair of Levi’s® jeans is without a doubt the Red Tab. This feature was first sewn onto the denims’ right back pocket in 1936. In the ‘60s, Levi’s® introduced a new coloured tab, used on fashion and non-basic items: the Orange Tab. To this day, Levi’s® garments wearing these orange tabs are characterised by edgy and unusual design elements, ranging from intricate pocket stitching to bell-bottoms and flare jeans.​​​​​​​
To raise awareness on the newest Levi’s® Orange Tab collection we designed a display for its European stores. We implemented the display in premium, orange coloured acrylate. To paraphrase that authentic Orange Tab retro-feel, we opted for the typical rounded corners, as has been used on the actual Orange Tab since 1969. Magnified campaign imagery completes this in-store communication device, making it both an eye catcher and a source of shopping inspiration.

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