For Timberland we created the new activation display to showcase the new SENSORFLEX-collection. That’s Timberland’s newest comfort system: a three-layer outsole that delivers constant support, active cushioning and dynamic flex. Inspired by the brand’s view on comfort, we built the display in three layers as well.

First, we opted for the concrete body of the display to represent the urban city surface and carved the Timberland-logo into it, subtly referring to the durability of this new system. The active cushioning in the three-layer outsole is provided by EVA foam, so we simply used that foam to make the display look – and feel – exactly like the shoe does. Last but not least, we needed support for the whole thing. So we supported our activation display with campaign imagery and, of course, the actual shoe. As innovative as Timberland’s new SENSORFLEX-system is, we elevated it with this presentation.

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