Our 6 initiatives for a sustainable marketing approach. 
As a full service marketing agency, frank agterberg/bca designs and produces visibility for brands. Strictly speaking, these campaigns we help develop are not required for the mere survival of humanity. We are fully aware of that. Yet trade and business have always existed and (wo)man feels they are needed to turn surviving into living. Therefore, they have their place in this world. As long as the importance of sustainability is taken into account, that is. Because these days, taking the sustainable route for your campaign is the sensible thing to do. And hence, we take responsibility throughout the 6 different steps of our creational process. We care! You dare?
ORGANISATION: Lean & mean organization of individual specialized professionals from all over Europe. Ever since its formation in 2004, the team of frankagterberg/bca has always met up online when possible and in the flesh only when necessary to avoid unnecessary commute and travel. Waste splitting is common practice at both office and warehouse and in our quotes and proposals you’ll find the most ecological solution on top of the list, a noncommittal yet clear hint for our clients.
DESIGN: Bearing in mind that prevention is better than cure, we embrace sustainable methods, materials and products, and take the environmental factor into account right from the drawing board. That implies acquiring knowledge of new, eco-friendly materials and techniques, but also clever planning and phasing campaigns. Selecting the right material for the job, optimizing weight, dimensions and transport volume? It’s all thought through from the very start.​​​​​​​
MATERIALS: Our business doesn’t exactly chime with eco-friendliness, yet we’ll always strive for the sustainable solution. That requires constantly being on the look-out for new, eco-friendly materials, and searching for alternative communication platforms that have minimum impact on the environment. Think recycled materials or even digital solutions to interact with your consumer. At frank agterberg/bca we aim at a maximum use of local European materials, which are preferably re-usable and recyclable.
PRODUCTION: Wherever possible, local production is preferred to avoid excess transport and the inherent emission of carbon dioxide. But also minor choices like water based inks, etc. add up. Using the newest, sustainable materials also implies we are constantly mastering new techniques. While our sustainability is growing ever more, we get to uphold our clients’ high expectations when it comes to the level of impact we generate. As you can see, we’ve got our shit together. Without glue, obviously, to ensure meticulous waste splitting of the campaign materials. On to the next with a clean slate!
TRANSPORT: Main partner for all our shipping is FedEx, the courier service that uses low-emission vehicles in the city and fully compensates for its CO2 emission by planting trees. From the design onwards, we reduce or avoid shipping when possible: we think through size and weight of products, as well as their feasible re-use as repetitive elements in phased campaigns. And we’re lucky to have local partners and suppliers that perform on the same level.
PACKAGING: We consciously choose packaging and packing materials made of recycled plastics and of FSC carboard. Even our cardboard pallets can easily be disposed of as paper-waste, as we noticed customers often find it hard to stock and return them for re-use. Deciding on these types of packaging also stimulates the addressee to continue the cycle of splitting waste for future re-use. Looking for alternatives like recycled bubble wrap and paper tape helps saving valuable limited raw materials.

As you can see, we don’t hide behind the fact that, as a small business, we can’t change the world. We take responsibility for sustainability. And to be honest, it isn’t the much dreaded spoiler people think it is. It rather is an extra factor that makes you challenge the efficiency of your business, which not only benefits the environment, it also entails economical profit. We’re up for it!
We care! You dare?